Exploring New Horizons at the 2014 AAP Experience

by Admin 11. October 2014 16:18

I am excited to be writing this from the American Academy of Pediatrics National Conference and Exhibition in sunny San Diego, CA!  Today has been a whirlwind of all things pediatrics, from advocacy and health care policy to cutting edge pediatric practice and career networking. It is an honor and a privilege to be representing the All Children’s Hospital Johns Hopkins Medicine Pediatric Residency Program on the national level!

Today began with a meeting of the Section on Medical Students, Residents, and Fellowship Trainees (SOMRSFT).  As a Program Delegate of District X (consisting of Florida, Alabama, Georgia, and Puerto Rico), I am helping develop policy to shape recommendations and directives of the AAP in an effort to provide better care to pediatric patients.  It was at this meeting that this year’s advocacy campaign was revealed: FACE Poverty.  The energy in the conference room was palpable, as we heard from SOMRSFT leadership as well as the AAP Chief Public Affairs Officer, Mark Del Monte, J.D., regarding the negative impact of poverty on health outcomes for pediatric patients and families.  A breakout session of residents and fellows from each of the ten AAP Districts followed with some great brainstorming on how to engage trainees in developing advocacy projects to tackle poverty in our clinics, hospitals, and communities.  Stay tuned for the efforts that will be initiated at ACHJHM!

With the day’s business concluded, I was off to the exhibition hall to meet medical students at the ACHJHM booth!  I had the pleasure to speak with some excellent future physicians, many of whom are pursuing or are considering careers as pediatricians.  It’s always interesting to hear about the different paths that lead medical students to choose pediatrics, but one common theme persisted: all students aspired to provide care for children.   I was able to speak to the strengths of training at ACHJHM, from our individualized curricula and the level of autonomy granted to our residents, to the caring community in which we work and the support of our program leadership to pursue outreach and research initiatives.  As the exhibition hall closed for the day, I left inspired by my interactions with today’s medical students and tomorrow’s physicians.  Their questions and my responses made me realize how limitless the opportunities at ACHJHM truly are.  I look forward to tomorrow’s activities and meeting more medical students! 

John Morrison, M.D., Ph.D (@jmomdphd)
ACH JHM Pediatric Redisdent Class of 2017
Innaugural Class


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