Bettering patient care by learning from the experts

by Office of Medical Education 13. April 2018 09:28
Hello! My name is Brittany Odom and I'm a second year pediatric resident at JHACH! I recently had the opportunity to visit Baltimore, MD and present a patient case via poster presentation at the Johns Hopkins Diagnostic Excellence Summit! The conference itself was centered around the idea of becoming better diagnosticians, clinicians, and providers as a whole, the ability to listen to our patients, think critically, let go of anchoring biases, and provide the best care possible in that moment. I got to hear from leaders in the field, such as Dr. Michael Kanter, Exec. Vice President and Chief Quality Officer of the Permanente Foundation talk about the new innovative ways surveillance and safety net programs are helping to prevent medical errors.    There were a few things I took away from this conference: - Every system is perfectly designed to get the results it gets. If you want to change your results, you must critically analyze your system.  - Communication is key! This goes for all members of the medical team, from attending to residents to nursing.  - If you see something, say something. We talked about empowering our patients' families to be part of the medical team, especially in pediatrics. There are many instances where the patient's family can see clues to a downward spiral far before we do.    It was not only my first time to this particular conference, but my first time to Baltimore and I had an hour or two to explore the medical campus before heading back. The Johns Hopkins Hospital is so full of inspiring medical history and as I explored the Hopkins dome, walked the hallways that the term "rounds" originated, and learned about some of the legends that started this institution, I felt so honored to be a part of the Hopkins family. On my plane ride back to sunny Florida, I reflected on how inspired I was by visiting the main campus and how many trailblazing opportunities lay ahead at my own home institution, Johns Hopkins All Children's Hospital.

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“Hello, I’m Dr. _____”: Reflections on Intern Orientation

by Admin 1. July 2015 05:13
As we ran through the scenario of a child in full-blown status epilepticus, I looked around me and felt a sense of camaraderie with my team. Interns and rising second year residents worked side-by-side to resuscitate and stabilize the patient. In that moment, I came to the realization that residency doesn’t have to feel like you’re the lone boat sailing off into an unfamiliar territory. In addition to the resources and support of an extraordinary program, I am also surrounded by individuals who are equally passionate and driven to make this journey with me. [More]

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Welcome to the All Children’s Hospital Johns Hopkins Medicine Office of Medical Education

by Office of Medical Education 19. June 2013 02:46
Our first blog post inaugurates an expanded presence for the Office of Medical Education on the world wide web and through social media channels as we continue to implement our vision for medical education. [More]

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