“Hello, I’m Dr. _____”: Reflections on Intern Orientation

by Admin 1. July 2015 05:13
As we ran through the scenario of a child in full-blown status epilepticus, I looked around me and felt a sense of camaraderie with my team. Interns and rising second year residents worked side-by-side to resuscitate and stabilize the patient. In that moment, I came to the realization that residency doesn’t have to feel like you’re the lone boat sailing off into an unfamiliar territory. In addition to the resources and support of an extraordinary program, I am also surrounded by individuals who are equally passionate and driven to make this journey with me. [More]

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Visiting the Capitol –an opportunity to advocate for All Children

by Admin 12. March 2015 08:33
I told them that it is not hard to advocate for your hospital when you truly love where you go to work every day, and where you get to live your passion to heal children. I was not nervous, because from the first day my program has taught me to be innovative, to be an independent thinker, and to stand up for what it is that I believe. [More]

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Welcome to the All Children’s Hospital Johns Hopkins Medicine Office of Medical Education

by Office of Medical Education 19. June 2013 02:46
Our first blog post inaugurates an expanded presence for the Office of Medical Education on the world wide web and through social media channels as we continue to implement our vision for medical education. [More]

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